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Friday, December 05, 2008

Ball State falls, helps Boise State

Chris Petersen must be pleased. The fall of Ball State to Buffalo in tonight's MAC Championship game significantly increases Boise State's chances of going to a BCS game in January. While the BCS system is incapable of accommodating three undefeated mid-majors, two is not outside of the realm of possibility. With three undefeateds, the BCS system can justify snubbing two of them, using each other as reasons not to include them. With two, it would be an injustice to leave out one undefeated and include another. I would be disgusted with the BCS system (a system I have been more tolerant of than most) if it left Boise State out at this point.

Likely, the decision facing the BCS will be to include Boise State or Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. In this author's opinion, a 10-2 Ohio State team that has had its ass stomped in two consecutive title games doesn't deserve inclusion over an undefeated mid-major that has played a respectable schedule. We will see how it goes on Sunday.

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