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Monday, July 31, 2006

MVP Winners: 1980-1989

1980: Herschel Walker, Georgia
Heisman Winner: George Rogers, South Carolina

1981: Marcus Allen, USC
Heisman Winner: Marcus Allen, USC

1982: John Elway, Stanford
Heisman Winner: Herschel Walker, Georgia

1983: Steve Young, BYU
Heisman Winner: Mike Rozier, Nebraska

1984: Doug Flutie, Boston College
Heisman Winner: Doug Flutie, Boston College

1985: Bo Jackson, Auburn
Heisman Winner: Bo Jackson, Auburn

1986: Vinny Testaverde, Miami
Heisman Winner: Vinny Testaverde, Miami

1987: Tim Brown, Notre Dame
Heisman Winner: Tim Brown, Notre Dame

1988: Barry Sanders, Oklahoma State
Heisman Winner: Barry Sanders, Oklahoma State

1989: Andre Ware, Houston
Heisman Winner: Andre Ware, Houston

Click here for 1990-1999


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