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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Chase for the MMNC

At this juncture, there are three programs competing for the 2008 MMNC. At the moment, Utah is in the lead, having bested rival BYU and run the gauntlet undefeated. However, Boise State and Ball State each have a chance to match their mid-major brethren in regular season unbeatenness. Thus, if we have three undefeated mid-majors, how will we decide who gets the crown. Simple -- look to the bowls.

In all likelihood, this will leave Utah with the toughest road, likely to face either Texas or Alabama in the Fiesta or Sugar Bowl. However, Boise State might sneak into the BCS System, especially if Ball State loses to Western Michigan or to Buffalo in the MAC Championship. After all, it is easier to snub a second undefeated mid-major from the BCS if there is a third that would necessarily be snubbed. The difficulty will come in assigning the MMNC should one program get a vastly inferior bowl opponent, leaving one undefeated and one with a tough bowl loss. However, I believe that the players can only play the games that are scheduled, and in that system (the very essence of having a MMNC), we must reward the undefeated.

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