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Saturday, December 06, 2008

How the BCS Should Go ...

Assuming a win by Oklahoma, here is how CFBN would set the BCS Schedule:

BCS National Championship
BCS No. 1: Florida
Reason for Florida: Champions of the "toughest conference in college football" headlined by an electric former Heisman winner at quarterback and an offensive mastermind at head coach. With a win over the Crimson Tide, the Gators will have taken down five ranked teams -- the previous four wins in convincing fashion -- 30 points over LSU, 39 points over Georgia, 50 points over South Carolina and 30 points over rival Florida State. The Gators only have one hiccup on their record -- a one-point loss to an underrated Mississippi team.

BCS No. 2: Oklahoma
Reason for Oklahoma: Champions of what is really the toughest conference in college football in this season, headlined by an electric quarterback, who is likely to be a Heisman winner, and a defensive mastermind at head coach. Oklahoma has had the hottest offense in the country, averaging over 50 points per game this season. Also, the Sooners' schedule is equally impressive to Florida's: Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Kansas and Cincinnati. The three-way tie among Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech was resolved appropriately (even though ESPN is stirring the pot to generate ratings). Each of those three teams were responsible for each of their one losses. In that scenario, you look at how convincing their respective win against the other considered team was. Texas Tech's was the weakest (last second over Texas), Texas's was slightly stronger (two scores over Oklahoma), and Oklahoma's was phenomenal (dominant 44-point win over Texas Tech). The system got it, selecting the Sooners.

Rose Bowl
Pac-10 Champion: USC
Reason for USC: Winner of the Pac-10. Only loss came in an early season away game at Oregon State. Otherwise, USC has rolled through the Pac-10. The Trojans also had tremendous wins against Ohio State and Notre Dame (albeit at home). Pete Carroll's defense has looked very strong, and the offense has player well enough to win games for them.

Big Ten Champion: Penn State
Reason for Penn State: Winner of the Big Ten. The Nittany Lions came one field goal shy of the National Championship in loss to resurgent Iowa squad. Penn State has managed to get things done with defense again, while throwing together an offense out of multifaceted athletes a la Michael Robinson.

Fiesta Bowl
At Large: Texas
Reason for Texas: The Longhorns missed playing in the National Championship by a last second pass by Heisman candidate Graham Harrell to Heisman candidate Michael Crabtree. It is tough to argue with that. However, Texas did not deserve to get the nod into the title game over the Sooners because of the aforementioned three-way analysis. Texas maintains the Big XII's tie to the Fiesta Bowl.

At Large: Boise State
Reason for Boise State: Undefeated and winner of the WAC. Chris Petersen once again has the Broncos playing solid fundamentals on offense and defense. This is a team that doesn't make mistakes. If they are going to be beaten, its going to be because they are simply out matched. Pac-10 runner-up Oregon couldn't out match them. It would be a travesty to reward a mediocre Ohio State team at the expense of an undefeated mid-major.

Sugar Bowl
At Large: Alabama
Reason for Alabama: Runner-up in the SEC. Nick Saban has the Crimson Tide playing solid football with perfect fundamentals while working with inherited mediocre talent. This is just a glimpse of what is to come ... if Saban doesn't decide to run off for another program ... or the NFL ... again. Great defense, average offense. Not flashy, but effective.

At Large: Utah
Reason for Utah: Undefeated and winner of the Mountain West. The Utes have played solid ball, downing TCU, BYU and Trojan-crusher, Oregon State. Brian Johnson has looked good at quarterback. Once again, it would be a travesty to leave an undefeated team out in favor of a mediocre Ohio State squad.

Orange Bowl
ACC Champion: Virginia Tech
Reason for Virginia Tech: Winner of the ACC. The Hokies atoned for their early season loss to Boston College with a convincing win over the Eagles in the ACC Championship game. This will be the weakest team in a BCS game this year, but aren't outmatched by Cincinnati. While this isn't a marquee game, it will be close.

Big East Champion: Cincinnati
Reason for Cincinnati: Winner of the Big East. Cincinnati has played tremendously thus far, going 10-2 (soon to be 11-2 with a win over Hawaii). The Bearcats two losses were ugly -- 26 points to Oklahoma and 24 points to Connecticut. But Cincinnati has also proven its muster with wins over West Virginia, South Florida and Pittsburgh.

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