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Monday, October 16, 2006

Week 8 Games of Note

Top Three of the Week:
No. 21 Rutgers at No. 22 Pittsburgh
Chris' Take: Pittsburgh 31, Rutgers 27
Gerry's Take: Pittsburgh over Rutgers

No. 5 Texas at No. 19 Nebraska
Chris' Take: Texas 35, Nebraska 14
Gerry's Take: Texas over Nebraska

GotW: No. 12 Georgia Tech at No. 13 Clemson
Chris' Take: Clemson 27, Georgia Tech 24

Gerry's Take: Georgia Tech over Clemson

Calling the Upset:
No. 18 Boston College at Florida State
Chris' Take: BC 35, Florida State 14
Gerry's Take: BC over Florida State

Mismatch of the Week:
Indiana at No. 1 Ohio State
Chris' Take: Ohio State 49, Indiana 10
Gerry's Take: Ohio State over Indiana

Chris' Season Record: 23-12
Gerry's Season Record: 26-9

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