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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Not So Fast My Friend

As we all know, Lee Corso's blessing is usually a sign of bad things to come. Unfortunately for the California Golden Bears, his prediction for them to win the National Championship resulted in an early season dismissal from the elite of college football.

On Saturday, the Tennessee Volunteers had an offensive resurgance in Knoxville, with a little help from an old friend, David Cutcliffe. Vols' QB Erik Ainge looked like a Heisman candidate, throwing for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns in the embarrassing victory over the highly touted Golden Bears.

What we didn't know was that Kirk Herbstreit was equally capable of delivering the kiss of death. Immediately preceeding Corso's California selection, Herbstreit named Miami as the preseason favorite to win the title this year. Marked as the top team in "Herbie's eyes," Florida State did their best to chop them down to size with a victory at Miami.

So, here is the lesson, kiddies. Don't listen to ESPN. They hurt national contenders and cause cancer (probably). Corso's Cal, and Herbstreit's Miami are down the drain, so let's see who they mark next for college football death.


Lee Corso said...

I heard that Corso is picking Montana State next week as the national champion.

Bryan Lowery said...

Well I see two distinct options to resolve this conflict:

1.) Stop watching ESPN (unfavorable)
2.) Kill Lee Corso

I think the correct course of action speaks for itself...