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Monday, October 27, 2008

Tyrone Willingham Fired

Today, it was announced that Tyrone Willingham would step down as Washington head coach at season's end. Willingham is 0-7 on the season after losing 33-7 to his former team, Notre Dame, this past weekend. When asked if this was his decision, Willingham indicated clearly that it was not, but rather that the university wished to move in a different direction.

In 2004, Notre Dame terminated Willingham after serving only three years of a five-year contract. Notre Dame was immediately criticized for its decision at the time, but now looking at the numbers, it is hard to criticize either university for their respective decisions.

Willingham will end his career with, at worst, an 0-12 season or, at best, a 3-9 season (assuming wins against the Sun Devils, Bruins and Cougars). Washington's last five games are against USC, Arizona State, UCLA, Washington State and Oregon. Here are the stats for Willingham's coaching career (courtesy of Wikipedia):

Year Team Overall Conference Standing
Stanford Cardinal (Pac-10) (1995–2001)
1995 Stanford 7–4–1 5–4 4th
1996 Stanford 7–5 5–3 3rd
1997 Stanford 5–6 3–5 T–7th
1998 Stanford 3–8 2–6 T–8th
1999 Stanford 8–4 7–1 1st
2000 Stanford 5–6 4–4 4th
2001 Stanford 9–3 6–2 T–2nd
Stanford: 44–36–1 32–25
Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Independent) (2002–2004)
2002 Notre Dame 10–3

2003 Notre Dame 5–7

2004 Notre Dame 6–6

Notre Dame: 21–16

Washington Huskies (Pac-10) (2005–present)
2005 Washington 2–9 1–7 10th
2006 Washington 5–7 3–6 9th
2007 Washington 4–9 2–7 10th
2008 Washington 0–7 0–4 10th
Washington: 11–32 6–24
Total: 76–84–1
Indicates BCS bowl game. #Rankings from final Coaches Poll of the season.

Tyrone was 1-5 in bowl games and was outscored 4,334-to-4,022 over his career.

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