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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rich Rodriguez Under the Scope

Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez is currently facing accusations of having destroyed university documents concerning West Virginia student-athletes on the football team. While a wide assortment of documents have been reported missing from the West Virginia Athletic Department, the most disconcerting to new head coach Bill Stewart's staff are the strength and conditioning reports.

While the reasons for tampering with the documents are varied, a few plausible causes are:
1) Rodriguez wanted to damage his former program since they are suing him for $4 million to recover his buy-out clause.
2) Rodriguez wanted to deface his former program in an effort to reclaim the high school athletes that he recruited during his time at West Virginia.
3) Rodriguez destroyed the documents in an Enron-like scurry to legally protect himself, as his athletes might have been taking performance-enhancing substances, which might appear on the strength and conditioning reports.

Rodriguez commented on the issue, denying all allegations. However, Rodriguez also denied all allegations that he interviewed for the Michigan job and was leaving Morgantown for Ann Arbor.

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