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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Complicating the Title Game

After Oregon and Oklahoma's topple from the top, Kansas is finally sitting in the catbird seat at No. 2. Unless one of them loses, LSU and Kansas will face off in the BCS Championship game in January. However, let's look at each of the undefeated and one-loss teams' roads to the title game.

LSU (10-1)
Predicted Finish: 12-1
Aside from Kentucky, LSU has gone without fault all season. They have played close games against Florida, South Carolina, Auburn and Alabama, but such is life in the SEC. In order to get to the title game, LSU has to stop Heisman-contender Darren McFadden and his Arkansas Razorbacks. While the Tigers shouldn't have much difficulty putting away Arkansas, Darren McFadden is always a question mark and can transform the nature of the game depending on which one of his Jekyll-and-Hyde personalities shows up that day. Even after that, LSU will have to play the winner of the SEC East, which will most likely be Georgia -- possibly the hottest team in college football right now. Even with that schedule, I give LSU a fairly good chance at making it to the title game.

Kansas (11-0)
Predicted Finish: 11-1
The Jayhawks have done what no one expected of them thus far ... and to make it to the title game, they will have to do more of the same. Kansas will have to play against two explosive offenses anchored by two extraordinarily good quarterbacks to end the season. Next weekend, they will face off against No. 4 Missouri. If they down the Tigers, the Jayhawks will face Boomer Sooner in the Big XII title game. Both Chase Daniel and Sam Bradford have the ability to put these birds out of their misery. I believe that Kansas won't have enough to hold off Missouri and Chase Daniel's spread offense.

Hawaii (10-0)
Predicted Finish: 10-2
Quite the opposite of Kansas, Hawaii has done what everyone expected them to do thus far this season. Colt Brennan has tossed his way into the record books over the last two seasons, leading the Warriors to a perfect record in the WAC. However, a one-man show isn't very successful when that man is riding the pine. After Colt Brennan's injury in the game against Fresno State, Hawaii has looked very ordinary. They nearly lost to Nevada on Friday night, and now they will face the toughest two games on their schedule -- Boise State and Washington. I don't believe Hawaii can win either without their high-scoring quarterback. The dream will die next weekend and be buried the weekend after.

Missouri (10-1)
Predicted Finish: 11-2
Missouri is a dark horse for the title game, garnering very little attention within the college football community. However, Missouri is for real. Chase Daniel has put up better numbers than anyone not named "Tebow" and has put the Tigers in a position to down Kansas and face Oklahoma in the Big XII championship game. Next weekend's game with Kansas will be a national affirmation for the winner. However, I don't believe either team will be strong enough to beat the Sooners. Missouri wins against Kansas, loses to Oklahoma and finishes No. 2 in the Big XII.

Ohio State (11-1)
Predicted Finish: 11-1
The easiest predicted finish I have ever had to make. Ohio State finished off their regular season with the annual victory over the Wolverines. While the Buckeyes have been lackluster all season, they are among the one-loss teams, staring at a potential title game appearances. In some ways, they are in an enviable position. With Oregon and Oklahoma out of the way, Ohio State can root for LSU to lose to either Arkansas or Georgia, Oklahoma to down the winner of Kansas-Missouri, Hawaii to lose to Boise State and Washington (if Hawaii is even considered a legitimate contender) and West Virginia to fall to either Connecticut or Pittsburgh. While I believe that Kansas, Missouri and Hawaii will drop out of the picture, Ohio State and West Virginia will have a tough fight for the No. 2 position in the BCS. I would give the slight edge to the Buckeyes, as the Big Ten is slightly better than the Big East, even if it wasn't readily apparent this season.

West Virginia (9-1)
Predicted Finish: 11-1
The Mountaineers haven't had to play anyone all year, so why change now. West Virginia ends the season with games against Connecticut and Pittsburgh. While Connecticut is a potential trap game for West Virginia, I believe that Connecticut might be the only team more overrated than the Mountaineers. Meanwhile, Rich Rodriguez shouldn't lose any sleep over Pittsburgh. West Virginia will be a serious contender for the title game, finishing 11-1.

With four one-loss teams, the process gets more difficult. LSU, as the SEC winner, deserves to get the top spot (anyone who can survive that schedule belongs in the title game, or at least Tommy Tuberville would argue so). Kansas should be ineligible if they lose a game, as they would not even be their conference champion. So, West Virginia or Ohio State? Both teams had one surprisingly decent non-conference game (Ohio State v. Washington, West Virginia v. Maryland), but neither made any effort to schedule any real powerhouses out of conference. Therefore, we turn to strength of conference, and the Big Ten wins. Moreover, the BCS would profit more from a game between LSU and Ohio State. Therefore, CFBN's newest prediction is LSU v. Ohio State for the title.

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